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No sugar – say it’s true!

Ever hear of residual sugar?  As I learn about the clean craft and organic wine industries I keep coming across this notion of "no residual sugar," or just "no sugar."  Sounds great, but how wine can have no sugar and what does that mean for me? Certainly wine and alcohol do have calories, which I… Continue reading No sugar – say it’s true!

Clean Crafted

Certified Green?

I admit there are many certifications within the growing industry of clean wine and I'm doing my best to sort it all out for us.  Organic, clean crafted and bio-dynamic are the certifications or classifications that I have become accustom to seeing, but I saw the "Certified Green" dandy at Total Wine this week.  No… Continue reading Certified Green?

Clean Crafted

Sulfites in Wine

A common explanation for wine headaches is that it contains sulfites.  It is true that a small percent of the population is allergic to sulfites but there are more common causes of wine headaches like drinking a bottle or two, or reactions to tannis or histamines.  But what are sulfites anyway, what is being done… Continue reading Sulfites in Wine

Clean Crafted

Histamine reaction

I used to get flush when I drank many red wines.  Over the years I kept eliminating tasty wines from my shopping list and looked for ones that didn't give me a reaction.   I don't drink enough to get a wine hangover, so what was it?  Was it an allergic reaction?  Recently I've looked… Continue reading Histamine reaction

Wine reviews

2016 Middle Jane Zinfandel

Official description:  Deeply colored with boysenberry, cherry and a hint of clove on the nose followed by ripe, smoothly textured flavors of blackberry jam, plum and sweet spice.  Pairs well with barbecue, pizza and gouda. Did you know that Zinfandel was long considered "America's wine and vine"?  Personally, I tend to think of other reds… Continue reading 2016 Middle Jane Zinfandel